Ahh yes about me . I hate doing bio's about myself as i feel that i'm chatting utter nonsense to boast about my hard work and achievements. I was just a small town boy born in Portsmouth back in may 4th 1992. After moving up north to Skelmersdale back in the autumn of 99 that's when my adventure began!

After leaving school and moving onto doing photography in college i went onto doing photography in Uni. After the shambles of what can only be described as oh god what have i done and regretting a lot I quit in 2011 just a month after starting the 2nd year.  Life would be a lot easier if mental health side of things wasn't such a bitch so over the course of years with life kicking me in the knackers both physically and mentally , photography as it turns out was my savior..

2012 is when my life got tuned upside down, not letting the failures defeat me. January 2012 is when i started to do concert photography at a local venue in Skem aka the engine rooms! and that is where the concert side things took off. Working with some bands doing shows around skem and venturing into Liverpool and Southport and moving to south-port made a big leap.  Model photography and doing urban/ city work also boomed.

2014. After moving back to skem in 2013 it didn't stop the photography side. After covering 100's of local bands i was in contact to photograph for a publication Ramzine at Hammefest. A huge milestone which kicked off covering local and more known bands in bigger venues. Nervous yes but it paid off, as i am still working close with Ramzine! Model side of things i got a whopping 7 publications back in 2013 a few were international so that's how i broke my international published side of things and of course scoring more publications in 2014.

2015- 2016 One word for it...Hell utter hell. After stepping up my game and moving to Bolton it was a true test with my personal life, work and photography side of things. Mental health pretty much killed me and my life was in utter utter shambles to the point of death. 2016 will be the final time i do such daft things of killing one self. 2016 was also a huge milestone for a few reasons. The luck of the irish gave me a close contact for gigs which also resulted in joining Antihero Magazine (2016-present) I also joined Distorted sound magazine (2016- present) Covering my first arena gig which was James at Manchester arena and also scoring a front cover of Ramzine (Hammerfest special)

2017-2018 I made it my goal to work hard for the career, covering as many shows as possible, constantly learning and also upgrade my gear. I push myself to the limit physically and mentally. It was a long hard road which i proved to myself despite everything i can do this. With this i joined Totalntertainment (2018- present)

2019 Make or break it. Hard work and determination is whats making 2019 a successful year.  Three huge bucket list goals achived so far! Front cover of a model magazine, covering slam dunk festival, and of course my First stadium gig, Sir Rod Stewart at Bolton stadium.  There is more to come i hope!

Its crazy to think if i ended it all, i would of never known the impossible is possible. Its been a wild 7 years of joy, happiness, regrets and the dam right stupid choices, but here i am.

3 years clean from self harm, 7 years of hard work and determination and its paid off. The reason why i've decided to add some snips of mental health is to show that its ok if you feel depressed, its ok to feel stupid thoughts, anyone feeling this way its ok to speak out and get help. I would like to than my loving friends, family and my partner for sticking by with me though the good, the bad and the ugly as they have all seen the outcome of what patience and hard work can achieve. <3

Christopher James Ryan